Irritz Jirice U Miroslavi Friedhofsansichten

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10 Februar 2020 um 18:15
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The Jewish Cemetery in Misslitz-Miroslav,
a national heritage site commemorating a once prominet Jewish Community
in existence since the 16th century.
Within 5.832 sqm site can be seen a number of valuable Baroque and Classical-style tombstones,
the oldest of which dates from 1691.
At the entrance is a ceremonial hall, built in 1902 and featuring a Neo-Baroque gable.
Renovation of the area began in 1999 (224 knocked down tombstones repaired)
on the initiative of Kommerzialrat Friedrich Deutsch from Vienna,
who also provided significant funds.
Renovation costs were shared by the town of Miroslav, the Jewish Community Brno
as the owner and the following contributors, to whom we extend our thanks.
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