My Yiddishe Momme (sung in yiddish) Regine Zylberberg

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My Yiddishe Momme ( Mein Yiddische Mame)
Regine Zylberberg - vocal

A Idishe mame,
Zi makht dokh zis di gantze velt,
A Idishe mame,
Oy vey, vi bitter, ven zi felt,
Ihr darft dokh danken Got,
Vus Ikh hot ihr nokh bay zikh.
Oy vey, vi troyerik zu sein.
Ven zi geyt avek tzu gikh
In vaser in fayer
Volt zi gelofn far ir kind.
Nisht hubn zi tayer,
Dus is gevis di greste zind.
Oy vi gliklekh un raykh
Iz der mentch, vus hot
Aza shayne metune geshenkt fin Got,
Nuch an altishke Idishe mame,
Mame Mame mayn!


The Jewish mother makes the world sweet.
A Jewish mother, how bitter life is when she is not there.
you must thank God that she is still with you.
How sad to be when she passes away too soon.
She would run through fire and water for the sake of her child.
It is the worst of sins not holding her precious.
Happy and rich is the man who has got this beautiful gift of God,
to have still an old Jewish mother
Mother Mother of mine

Regine Zylberberg.- French chanteuse. Born on December 26, 1929 in Belgium to Polish-Jewish parents.

ANECDOTE: " My Yiddishe Momme"

"My Yiddishe Momme" was originally written in 1925 by Jack Yellen as a
personal tribute to his mother who
recently had died. A few years later he asked Lew Pollack to work on the melody with him, and eventually the song credits read JACK YELLEN (words)

"On an impulse" he told David Ewen "I
called up Sophie Tucker at the Claridge Hotel in New York. She bawled me out for
spoiling her sleeping pill, but she
listened, and when I finished singing ,
she was weeping. Between gulps, she
asked me to send her a copy. She wrote
me that her agents and friends suggested
the title be changed to "Jewish" or
"Hebrew mother", being afraid of the
word "Yiddish". I told her that if she
sang it, it would be "Yiddish Momme" or
nothing at all, and what is more; I
insisted that she should sing the chorus
in yiddish, the way I had written it.

THE 1928 disk that sold a million copies
was two-sided, with the english version
on one side and the Yiddish on the other. The accompaniment was by Ted Shapiro, who worked with Sophie for forty-six years, up to her death, and wrote much special material for her.
Sophie introduced the song initially at the Palace Theatre in New York in 1925 to a standing ovation."".

Title: A Yidishe Mame -- אַ ייִדישע מאַמע
Also known as: Yidishe Mame
Also known as: Mayn Yidishe Mame
Also known as: My Yidishe Mame
Author: Yellen, Jack
Composer: Yellen, Jack
Composer: Pollack, Lou -- פּאָלעק, לאָו
Genre: Nostalgia/Family
Subject: Mother/Constancy/Devotion/Immigration

Paris sous l'Occupation- June 14, 1940.
"in June 1942, all
Jews over the age of six living in the occupied zone were ordered to wear a
yellow star of David marked with the word "Juif," meaning Jew.".

On November 9th, 2008 jews all over the
world will mark the 70th anniversary of
Kristallnacht, 1938. Synagogues burned,
jewish owned stores destroyed, books on fire. Many jews arrested. It was what
many have described as the begining of the holocaust....

My Yiddishe Momme- sung by Regine Zylberberg was featured in the french
film Mazel Tov ou le mariage (1969)
( English title: Marry Me, Marry Me )
directed by Claude Berri.
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